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vat 40 MT3750 MT1560 repair L-tec repair

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Equipment For Sale

Sun Distributorless Adapter----------------------------------------$500.00

OTC MONITOR 86----------------------------------------------------$95.00

OTC MONITOR 2000-------------------------------------------------$200.00

THEXTON FORD MAP/BP sensor tester-----------------------------$35.00

Sun SGA 9000 4 gas analyser-------------------------------------$1800.00

Kal 4 gas analyser-------------------------------------------------$1500.00

SUN VAT 40 on stand-----------------------------------------------$750.00

Sun 500 Analyser------------------------------------------------Inquire if interested

Timing Advance Lights for Sun and Allen


Send inquiries to

Low spark plug voltage or a faulty spark plug
wire may cause the Timing Light to operate
erratically. Try moving the inductive pickup
clip to a new location on the plug wire to
improve operation